Zachary Nelson

4 of our youngest customers discuss how they’re blazing new trails for film production, and working on some of the coolest projects with the largest brands in the world.

When I was 23 years old, I had all the ambition of a fresh film school grad- ready to conquer the world of cinematography as a commercial DP who’d be shooting the most dynamic and visually stunning automotive content in the world. But, my ambition left me squarely frustrated with…

When we say “Mounts to f***ing anything” we mean it. The versatility of MotoCrane ULTRA is designed to help users bring new levels of creative flexibility to their productions. This universal compatibility has helped transform literally 100’s of vehicles into tracking platforms. From Mini Coopers to Lamborghini’s, SUVs, UTVs, Trucks — and boats.

Nashville Camera Car transforms the Strait Productions photo boat with MotoCrane ULTRA

Camera boats fall into a “sub-niche” of the tracking vehicle world, but are born from the exact same need as camera cars. How do capture the action for watersports, marine, and outdoor industries? Well, typically you’d see converted pontoons with custom fabricated “wings” that provide a platform for photographers and…

What do MotoCrane customers think about ULTRA?

Our customers include stunt drivers, specialty camera movement teams, production companies, and many more. We built ULTRA to be versatile because we know how different every job can be, and gear should empower the creative process- not limit it. …

Zachary Nelson

Co-founder, CEO of MotoCrane, LLC

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