Can ULTRA really handle the demands of a world-class shoot?

ULTRA has been tested and trusted by many world-class brands.

Performance (75mph + 1.0g cornering)

The Hoonigan camera car, built with Larry Chen for Toyota’s 2018 SEMA Booth
The sights and sounds of Larry Chen as we do the dance with Ryan Litteral

Weather (IP65)

Quick break for the G Class to be washed on site.
ULTRA during an Ireland downpour for Mitsubishi (Left) and Utah blizzard for Mercedes-Benz (Right)

Reliability (CAN-BUS, safety factors, off-road)

Craig nailing our line as I swing the arm to stay ahead of the power sliding picture car.
Craig Brooks learns to trust ULTRA, pushing the “Black Viking” deep into corners.

Portability (Flies as checked baggage)

ULTRA is the only 12' remote arm in the world to fly as checked baggage.
Sometimes, even I have to test the claims of MotoCrane engineers



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